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this is herb

my roommate and I met him by accident at a local thrift store in the late fall and we’ve been friends ever since. we all go to lunch at once a week, and he always has the best stories. he’s an incredible person; he’s ninety-four and is extremely open-minded and cheerful and full of life and even still travels freely on his own. “don’t tell anyone, but for my ninety-fifth birthday I’m going to canada!”

this post means so much to me and i have no idea why

usually being so old scares me but now I feel different about it

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Hundreds of moon jellyfish babies have been born at the Weymouth Sealife centre in Dorset. Aquarists say they have never seen so many jelly babies of all shapes, sizes and colours from many different species at one time - but even though they may look cute many of them are highly poisonous as well.

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im so high rn and i just watched this for 6 minutes straight

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